• Child Centric, Wholesome teaching & learning
    The foundation for the development of an individual's personality is created during the first years of life.
  • Confident, Independent & resilient
    Going Hand In Hand With Strong Academics, Children Gain A Sense Of Self-Confidence, Independence, And Resilience.
  • Striving for Success
    We strive to create a child-centered approach which encourages more creativity, imagination, and questions.

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Welcome To Progressive Public School

Our children are motivated and enthusiastic learners, their natural love of learning is nurtured while fostering their self-respect. Our teachers are guides and facilitators who support each child’s journey of self-discovery.

Clear & Shared Focus

Focus is developed from our values, Practicing mindfulness activities, creating a consistent direction.

Collaboration & Communication

We focus on strong team work across all sections for an effective teaching and learning experience.

Student Empowerment

We encourage students to make decisions with the help of school leadership, implementing changes in and out of the classroom.


Professional Development

We place a strong emphasis on training our teaching staff in areas most essential for extensive and ongoing professional development.


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