Middle Section

Middle Section

We at the Middle Section are committed to a holistic approach to educating the mind, body and spirit of our students. We seek to assist them achieve their potential and develop character, where individuals are valued for their strengths and contributions. As an Education System, we are acutely aware that happy and settled students are effective learners. As such, through our system and form groupings, we ensure that each young person is known and cared for as an individual.

Our Section Head oversees each student’s development from grade VI - VIII, and over this time a strong relationship is developed between home and school. We encourage all students to strive to do their best academically, and have designed a curriculum which allows young people multiple opportunities to succeed and position them effectively to develop knowledge and learning habits which will serve them well in Secondary School, College, University, the workplace and for a lifetime. Our teaching staff are experts in their subject disciplines, and also up to date with best practice in teaching and learning to ensure that your child is presented with the best opportunities, positive and active roles in society as adults.

The Teaching and Learning Program in our Middle Section allows students to connect with the Curriculum in meaningful and authentic ways, and allows them to explore their own personal strengths and preferences.

The Teaching and Learning philosophy at The Progressive Public School, Middle Section places significant emphasis on students developing critical skills which will enable them to contribute successfully in society and the workforce. Supported by the use of technology, our faculty assists students to become creative, communicative, collaborative, self-directed, reflective and critical thinkers.

Our Middle Section Program

  • Grade VI: 10.5 – 11.5yrs.
  • Grade VII: 11.5 – 12.5yrs.
  • Grade VIII: 12.5 – 13.5yrs.


The Middle School curriculum is designed with the needs of the growing adolescent in mind. It creates excitement for learning by cultivating an intellectual environment where curiosity, creativity and aesthetic awareness is developed. In addition to this, analytical and critical thinking skills are enhanced, thus preparing the way to developing independent learning skills.

Class VI is a transition year in many ways. Students have to adjust to longer lessons. By Class VIII they have science taught as the three separate disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, with significant laboratory work. Also, they have begun O-level courses in Islamiat and Pakistan Studies. This preparation for examinations is regarded as an important part of their learning experience.

However, the assessment system during a term caters to the needs of students of varying ability. Different types of assessments are used by the various subject teachers depending on the scope for practical and oral presentations. It is through project work that a variety of skills, particularly social skills, are developed in our students.

The curriculum enables students to develop their personal organizational and time management skills making them learn responsibility. Thus they will be equipped to deal with the challenges of O-levels and Matric at the Secondary Section where they are expected to be more independent in their approach to learning.


Our educational system has a holistic approach which encourages not only academic growth but also co-curricular participation and the development of interpersonal and leadership skills. A whole range of co-curricular activities continues to flourish, from athletics and team sports and debating and drama (both English and Urdu), chess, scrabble, art and music.