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All students are encouraged to join or start the suggested societies and clubs. This list is not exhaustive.

  1. PPS Year Book ————————————————————————-

A team of student volunteers to collect, write and edit articles for an annual publication. All students are encouraged to join the team. An editor and assistant editor(s) are responsible for the year book.

  1. Athletic Club—————————————————————————

Athletic Club promotes a wide variety of athletics and is responsible for organizing inter house as well as inter-school sporting activities.

Some of the Sports played at PPS are:

– Soccer         – Basketball    – Volleyball      – Table tennis                – Track and Field

  1. Drama Club/Literacy Society ——————————————————

This is the Literary Society. Activities include poetry readings, writing workshops and competitions. The society also organizes an annual play

  1. Young Einstein’s–——————————————————————–

The science club society intends to hold Science Fairs and Quizzes at school and to encourage students to participate in any Science-related activities taking place in the greater community.

  1. PPS Debaters————————————————————————-

The School Public Speaking club is responsible for helping students improve their speaking skills by providing public speaking workshops by the school and by other organizations. The Public Speaking Club is also responsible for organizing inter and intra school debate competitions.