130-Faran Society, Dhoraji Colony, Karachi

(+92 21) 34854728-31, 34939969 info@progressivepublicschool.edu.pk

Our Mission

The Objective:

Seek knowledge if it takes you to China (Hadith). However, before doing so, obtain the class education available at home. Progressive Public School, a place of academic excellence and opportunity, where every student can realize his or her potential, guarantees to provide students an authentic, effective and meaningful system, which will take them through the successive corridors of learning to gain their objective in life. Talent is inherent but the ability to bring it to the fore depends on sound education. The school ensures a worthwhile and rewarding education to the students so that they may undertake any venture-some project, reach the heights and feel proud of themselves and their institution.



 Easy approach to effective learning;

 To develop in a planned sequences of steps; full understanding of the subject of study;

 Handling challenging problems rationally;

 To develop confidence to deal with social & national matters:

 To acquire expertise in the field of information technology.