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IMG-20150821-WA0001The spirit of candidates for prefectorial elections is brought alive on dated August 15, 2015 in the PPS where all the students and staff members put forth their efforts to maintain the discipline of the school. Election took place in uneventfully as each class moved in queue towards the allocated area to cast their votes. Under the able guidance and supervision of teachers ‘Student Council’ gets elected. IMG-20150821-WA0002During the campaign the candidates were given time to speak to the entire student body, allowed to visit classrooms and finally to campaign openly. Having government, elections and citizenship education in Progressive Public School is part of the education. The education we provide to teach of our students, “in building a responsible society, we must start by making the individual responsible today”. The Progressive Public School’s goal is to graduate student with good character, meaning with values of fairness, honesty and trust, ready to take responsibility for their actions and participate in ensuring responsible behaviors in wider society. Our tradition of Student’s Prefectorial Elections is a valuable practical teaching and learning experience in these domains.

For the year 2015 the Head Boy for the class XI-C1 is Saad Ahmed, Head Girl for the class XI-C1 is Muskan A. Qadir, Deputy Head Boy for the class X-S is Bilal Farooq and Deputy Head Girl for the class XI-C2 is Amna Yousuf.

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Prefectorial Body

1. Anosha Javed Class: X-S
2. Muhammad Uzair Afzal Class: X1-C1
3. Muhammad Osaid Rajput Class: X1-C1
4. M.Shakir Class: X1-C1
5. Ali saif Class: X-C1
6. Sadaf Sheikh Class: X1-C1
7.Ammal Iqbal Class: X1-C1
8. Hadiya Nadeem Class: X1-C1
9. Muttia Sattar Class: X1-C1
10. Areesha Maqsood Class: X1-C1
11. Maroof Aslam Class: X1-C2
12.Raeesha Ashfaq Class: X1-C2
13. Kumail Iqbal Class: X1-C2
14. Karim Khan Rezy Class: X1-C2
15. Areebah Imran Class: X1-C2
16.Rabia Asif Class: X1-C2
17. Rahim Nadeem Class: X1-C2
18. Mohammed Siddiq Class: X1-C2
19. Zoha Aslam Class: X1-C2
20. saffa Suffiyan Class- X-C3