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Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities -School clubs

At PPS, Performing Arts and Sports are not extra or co-curricular activities.  They are integral part of the curriculum.  Students are exposed to these activities just like the way they are exposed to Academics.  Physical Education is a compulsory subject.

Student learning is enhanced through activities like educational field trips, inter-school competitions, school events and school clubs.  School clubs are major part of the co-curricular program. Students can participate in various clubs sponsored by parents, teachers and PPS volunteers who have passion for these subjects and activities.  Clubs include Band/Music, Debate, Basketball, Football, Drama, Books, photography, school year book and much more.

Community volunteers and parents with interests that are not covered by existing clubs can apply to the administration to create new ones.

As clear and critical thinkers with a love of learning and the required knowledge and skills, our students are certain to succeed in their future careers as well rounded, honorable and responsible human beings who contribute positively to society.